Barbra Alusi has written her 2nd book about the only American Legion Children's Home. She is a world traveled author and our alumni. The book is titled "Our Home - Memories of living and growing up in The American Legion Children's Home" and will be given for a $19.95 donation to the Home. Barbra has always given all proceeds to our Home.

     You can pick up a signed copy at our office or you can call during business hours at #866-941-0110 or email us and we will ship one to you for a $25 donation.

Please let us know if you are interested in a copy - all of which were printed with a grant from The American Legion Child Welfare Foundation.

Coming Soon!

Barbra also unveiled the proto-type of her next book called "Mrs. Mayhue's Scrapbook" and announced that she will be writing again about her personal story which is titled "Mrs. Mahue's Girls". You may also contact us to be added to the waiting list for either of those books as well.